About Us

Kirha is a Evangelical Lutheran Community in Bohol, Philippines.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Philippines is officially registered in the Philippines as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Augsburg Confession.

The head of the church in the Philippines is the Superintendent of the ICD of ELC AC Daniil Suvor.

There are currently 5 congregations in the church, and 4 of it in Bohol: San Miguel, Tagbilaran, Panglao and Anda. There are also requests from non-denominational and family communities to join our church.

Our mission is to spread and strengthen the Faith through the gospel and the release of the Sacraments and rituals of the church.

We are beyond any political differences and believe that all people, no matter what nationality, wealth and skin color, gender and age, they are all one before the Lord God, and should have the same access to the Sacraments of the Church.

The temple in our understanding is a place of absolute peace, a house of prayer, a refuge for the believer.

All clergy consider it their primary duty to release the Sacraments and conduct the rituals of the church upon request, helping all those who ask and instructing them in the Faith as much as possible.

We are not involved to any politics, and believe that all people of every nation are equal, and can be a member of our church. 

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